The Telangana Government canceled affiliations of engineering colleges that are violating norms prescribed by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), students and parents of Telangana widely welcomed.

In the renewal list of affiliated colleges issued on Saturday, as many as 174 private engineering colleges out of the 315 existing colleges in Telangana region. Even the number of eligible private pharmacy Colleges came down to a mere 61 from 146 in the list released. Which means more than 50 per cent of the private engineering and pharmacy colleges under Telangana region are not eligible this year for intake of students for courses being offered by them.

With the high court refusing to give interim relief to 174 private engineering colleges, which were not allowed to take part in the Eamcet counselling in Telangana, they are staring at zero admissions this year.

As per the reliable sources, here is the list of 174 private engineering colleges whose recognition is cancelled for this academic year.

1.      AMR Institute of Technology, Mavvala, Adilabad
2.    AAR Mahavir Engineering College, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad
3.    Arushi Group of Insitute, Punnela, Warangal
4.    Abdul Kalam Institute of Technology, Palvancha, Khammam
5.     Adam’s Engineering college, Palvancha, Khammam
6.    Adusumilli Vijaya College of Engineering and research center, Bibi Nagar, Nalgonda
7.     Adusilli Vijaya institute of technology and research center, bommalaramaram, Nallagonda
8.    Aziz college of engineering and technology, Manchirial, Adilabad
9.    Ameena Institute of technology, Gouse Nagar, Shameeripet, Rangareddy
10. Anasuya Devi Institute of Tehcnology and science, Bibinagar, Nalgonda
11.  AnuBose Institute of technology, Khammam
12.Anwar-ul-uloom college of Engineering and technology, Vikarabad, Rangareddy
13.Apex engineering college, Geesugonda, Warangal
14.Arjun college of technology and science, Hayatnagar, Rangareddy
15. ARKAY College of engineering and Technology, Bodhan, Nizamadabad
16.Aravindaksha Educational society group of Institute, Suryapet, Nalgonda
17. Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering Technolgy, Maheshwaram, Rangareddy
18.Ashok Institute of engineering college, Choutuppal, Nalgonda
19.Asifia college of engineering and technology, Ibrahminpatnam, Rangareddy
20.                      Aurobindo college of engineering and technology, Ibrahimpatnam, Rangareddy
21.Aurora Technological institute, Qutbullapur, Rangareddy
22. Aurora Seetayya college of engineering college, Patancheru, Medak
23. Aurora technological and management academy, Ghatkesar, Rangareddy
24.  Avanthi scientific technologies and research academy, Film City, Rangareddy
25.  Azad college of engineering and technology, Moinabad, Rangareddy
26.  Azad college of engineering for women, Moinabad, Rangareddy
27.   Balaji Institute of engineering and science, Narasampet, Warangal
28.  Bandari Srinivas College of engineering and technology, Gollapalli
29.  Bharat engineering college, Ibrahminpatnam
30. Bharat Institute of technology and science for women, Ibrahimpatnam
31.Bharskara engineering college, Moinabad
32. Bomma Institute of Technology and science, Khammam
33.                       Brilliant institute of engineering and technology, Hayathnagar
34.                       Chilukuri Balaji institute of technology, Moinabad
35.                       Citi women’s college of engineering and technology, Bandlaguda
36.                       CVR institute of technology and science, Shamirpet
37.                       Cyberabad Institute of technology, Shadnagar
38.                       Daripalli Anandaramulu college of engineering and technology, Khammam
39.                       Dhruva institute of engineering and technology, Choutuppal
40.                      Dr VRK college of engineering and technology, Jagitial
41.Dr VRK women’s college of engineering and technology, Moinabad
42.                       R Paulraj engineering college, Bhadrachalam
43.                       DRK College of engineering and technology, Miyapur
44.                       DRK Instiute of science and technology, Qutbullahpur, Rangareddy
45.                       Elalnki engineering college, Medak
46.                       EVR college of engineering and Technology, Bommalaramaram, Nalgonda
47.                       Gandhi academy of technical education, Chilkuru
48.                       Gayatri institute of technology and science, Rajampet
49.                       Global group of institutions, Batasinagar villege
50.                       Gnana Sarawati college of engineering and technology, Dichpally
51. Greenfort engineering college, Chandrayanagutta X roads, Hyd
52.                       Harshitha Group fo institutions, Maheshwaram mandal
53.                       Haswitha institute of technology, Keesara
54.                       Haswitha institute of science and technology, Keesara
55.                        iPoint college of engineering and technology, Chilkuru
56.                       Holymary Instiute of technology, Bogaram
57.                        JJ Institute of information and technogoy, Bonguluru
58.                       Kamakshi college of engineering, Chevella
59.                       KBR engineering college, Pagadipally

60.                      Qadar memorial college of engineering, Devarakonda
61.KITE college of engineering, Shabad
62.                       KLR college of engineering, Palavancha
63.                       Kodada Institute of technology for women, Kodad
64.                       Kommidi pratapreddy institute of technology, Edulabad
65.                       Krishnamurthy Institute of technology, Edulabad
66.                       Lumbini groups of institutions, Anantaram
67.                       Madhura College of engineering, Chilkuru
68.                       Maheshwara Institute of technology, Patanchervu
69.                       Mallareddy college of engineering for women, Suraram
70.                       Mallareddy engineering college, Medchal
71. Medak college of engineering, Kondapaka
72.                       Medha college of engineering, Bibinagar
73.                       Medha institute of technology for women, Peddatanda
74.                       Medha institute of technology for women, Edulabad
75.                        Mega institute of engineering for women, Miryalaguda
76.                       MNR college of engineering, Sangareddy
77.                        Meena institute of engineering for women, Miryalaguda
78.                       Mughal college of engineering, Bandlaguda
79.                       Mahamadeeya institute of technology, Warangal
80.                      Mouna college of engineering, Gollaguda, Nalgonda
81.Mumtaz college of engineering, Malakpet, Hyd
82.                       Murthy institute of technology, Ankireddypalli
83.                       Nagarjuna institute of technology, Miryalaguda
84.                       Nagole institute of technology, Kuntlur
85.                       Nalgonda institute of technology, Cherlapalli
86.                       Narayana Engineering campus, Batasingaram

87.                       Nawabshah Alam khan college of engineering New Malakpet
88.                       Netaji institute of engineering, Tupranpet
89.                       New India college of engineering, Gollapalli
90.                      Nishita college of engineering, Lemoor
91.Nizam institute of technology, Pochampally
92.                       Noble college of engineering for women, Nadergul
93.                       Noor college of engineering and technology, Shadnagar
94.                       Nova college of engineering technology, Jafarguda
95.                       Nova college of engineering and technology, Jafarguda
96.                       NRI Institute of technology, Srisailam Highway
97.                       PRR Engineering College, Shabad
98.                       P Indrareddy memorial engineering college, Chevella
99.                       Padmasri Dr BV Raju institute of technology, Narsapur
100.                  Pathfinder Engineeering College, Hanamkonda, Warangal Dist.
101.                    Pragnabharati instititue of technology, Chevella
102.                  Prasad engineering college, Janagaon
103.                  Princeton institute of engineering and technology for women
104.                  Priyadarshini Institute of science and technology, Patanchervu
105.                   Progressive engineering college, Bommalaramaram
106.                  Pujayasri Madhavanji college of engineering and technology, Karmanghat
107.                   Pulipati Prasad institute of technology and science, Ammalapalem
108.                  Pullareddy institute of technology, Gowraram
109.                  Raja Mahindra college of engineering, Ibrahimpatnam
110.                    Ramanandateertha engineering college, Cherla Gowraram
111.                      Rishi MS Institute of engineering and technology for women, Kukatpally
112.                    Royal institute of technology, Chevella
113.                    SVS group of engineering and technology, Bheemaram
114.                    SPR college of engineering technology, Ghatkesar, Rangareddy
115.                     SS institute of technology, Qutbullapur
116.                    SSF Engineering college, Rajendranagar
117.                     Sagar group of institute, Chevella
118.                    Sahaja Institute of tech, science for women, Rekurti
119.                    Sahara college of engineering for women, Warangal
120.                  Samskruti college of engineering and technology, Ghatkesar
121.                    Sana engineering college, Kodada
122.                   Sarada institute of technology and science, Rahunadhapalem
123.                   Saint institute of technology, Ibrahimpatnam
124.                   Shahjaz college of engineering and technology, Mohinabad
125.                   Shadan college of engineering and technology, Himayathsagar
126.                   Sadhan women’s college, Khairatabad
127.                   Shahjehan Engineering & Technology, Chevella, Ranga Reddy Dist.
128.                   Siddharth institute of technology and science, Ghatkesar
129.                   Sindhura college of engineering and technology, Godavari Kahni
130.                  SLCC institute of engineering and technology, Hayathnagar
131.                    SR International institute of technology, Keesara
132.                   Sri Chaitanya college of engineering, Timmapur
133.                   Sri Chaitanya Institute of technological science, Timmapur
134.                   Sri Datta Group of Institute, Ibrahminpatnam
135.                   Sri Rama Institute of Technology and science, Kuppenakkuntla
136.                   Sri Vangmayi Institute of engineering and technology, Bibinagar
137.                   Sri Kavita engineering college, Karepalli
138.                   Sri Chaitanya technical campus, Ibrahimpatnam
139.                   Sri Sai education society, Ramapuram
140.                  Sri Sarada Institute of science and technology, Anantaram
141.                    Sri YPR college of engineering and technology, Hevali Ghanpur, Medak District
142.                   Sri YPR college of engineering and technology, Hevali Ghanpur, Medak District
143.                   Sri KS Raju institute of technology, Kanakamamidi
144.                   SRR engineering college, Karepalli
145.                   St.Marys Integrated Campus, Deshmukhi, Ranga Reddy District
146.                   St Mary’s group of institutions, Deshmukhi, Ranga Reddy District
147.                   Sudheerreddy college of engineering and technology for women, Keshapur
148.                   Sujala Bharati Institute of technology, Warangal
149.                   Suprabhat groups of institution, Nomula
150.                   Supraja institute of technology, Nemaligonda

151.                     Swamy Vivekananda institutions, Secunderabad
152.                   Swarna Bharathi college of engineering, Madilapalli
153.                   Sayeed Hashim college of technology, Pragnapur
154.                   Symbiosis institute of technology, Shamirpet
155.                    Tirumala college of pharmacy, Bardipur, Nizamabad
156.                   Trinity college of engineering, Karimnagar
157.                    TRINITY College of Engineering & Technology,Peddapalli, Karimnagar.
158.                   Tudi Narsimhareddy institute of technology, Bibinagar
159.                   Tudi Ram Reddy Institute of Technology and Science, Bibinagar
160.                  Turbo Missionary institute of technology, Patnachervu
161.                    Varadareddy engineering college of engineering, Anantasagar
162.                   Vatsalaya institute of technology, Anantaram
163.                   Vidya vikas engineering college, Shabad
164.                   Vidya vikas institutue of technology, Shabad
165.                   VIF college of engineering, Mohinabad
166.                   Vignan institute of engineering for women, Ghatkesar
167.                   Vignana institute of technology, Pochampally
168.                   Vijay college of engineering for women, Maklur
169.                   Vijayakrishna Institute of technology, Palmakula
170.                   Vishnusri Institute of technology, Bommalaramaram
171.                     Viswa Bharathi Institite of technology, Nadergul
172.                   Vivekananada group of institute, Batasingaram
173.                   Vivekananad institute of engineering, Bogaram
174.                   Vivekananda institute of science and information technology, Farooqnagar, Mahaboobnagar