Perceptive Analytics hiring Excel and VBA Specialists @ Hyderabad
About Company :
  • Perceptive Analytics is a Data Analytics company, offering specialized services in Data Analytics, Web Marketing Analytics, Financial Modeling and Spreadsheet solutions. We serve medium to large sized companies USA, India, Australia, Europe and Middle East.
  • We have the reputation of being known as a trusted partner/advisor with a penchant to deliver compelling value. Perceptive Analytics provides solutions to problems in industries across multiple sectors such as Banking, Finance services and Insurance, e-commerce, Logistics, and Technology.
Description :
Desired Skills :
  •  Senior Excel and VBA Specialist: Engineers with 1-2 years of experience in using MS Excel.
  •  Excel and VBA Specialist: Engineers 0-1 Years of experience. Trained in MS Excel.
  •  Good knowledge of using MS Excel
  •  Basic knowledge in programming and coding in Excel is essential.
  •  Good analytical and communication skills.
  •  We prefer candidates with business knowledge.
Responsibilities :
  •  Understanding client requirements.
  •  Understanding, consolidating and analyzing data from spreadsheets.
  •  Creating dashboards, reports and charts in Excel.
  •  Building Excel Applications.
  •  Developing macros in VBA (Visual Basic Applications).
  •  Performing statistical analytical using Excel.