Cognizant GenC EXAM Syllabus 2022 2023 PDF Download | Latest Cognizant CTS GenC Test Pattern For Freshers

Cognizant GenC EXAM Syllabus 2022 2023 PDF Download | Latest Cognizant CTS GenC Test Pattern For Freshers. Download the Cognizant Syllabus 2022 and Test Pattern PDF (updated): Check the Syllabus and Cognizant Test Pattern 2022 if you're looking for the Cognizant Exam Syllabus 2021. The Detailed Topic Wise Cognizant Syllabus 2022 may be readily accessed by aspirants. Also, you can get a free copy of the Cognizant Exam Syllabus PDF by clicking the link below. The Cognizant Selection Process is also available to candidates. Candidates should review the most recent Cognizant Exam Syllabus and updated Cognizant Test Pattern in order to do well in the Cognizant Online Test.
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Company Name Cognizant Technical Services 
Designation Name Trainee Engineer, Systems Engineer, Operations Executive, Testing Engineer
Category IT Companies Syllabus
Selection Rounds Online Aptitude Test, Technical Test, and HR Interview
Official Website

Cognizant Syllabus and Exam Test Pattern 2022 2023

In most cases, third-party users will assist Cognizant to administer the Cognizant Written Test. Additionally, the online test has two test patterns. In this part, we'll show you how to use the Cognizant Test Pattern. Pay close attention to the exam's subjects and patterns. The Test Pattern has yet to be officially announced.

Section Number of Questions Time Duration (in Minutes)
Quantitative Aptitude 16 16
Logical Reasoning 14 35
Verbal Ability 22 18
Automata Fix 7 20

Cognizant Selection Process 2022

This year, like in previous years, Cognizant will undertake a selection process to hire applicants. Presentation Test (PPT), Written Test (Aptitude Test), Technical Interview, and HR Interview are some of the phases in the selection process. Candidates must first complete the Presentation Test. Those who passed the exam are eligible to take the Written Exam (Aptitude Test). Candidates that received a high score can advance to the following phases, which include technical and HR interviews. As a result, throughout these rounds, candidates must respond to a variety of questions posed by the interviewer. On our website, we have some fundamental concepts in the form of Cognizant Interview Questions. As a result, familiarise yourself with the questions by checking them.

Cognizant Syllabus Detailed Topic by Topic

Aspirants can obtain the exact Cognizant Syllabus 2021 by visiting this page. Many applicants are having difficulty obtaining the curriculum from multiple websites. As a result, we've included a thorough curriculum for each topic in this area. By utilizing the provided pdf, you may review and download the CTS Syllabus 2022.

Below are the syllabus details for the first stage of the exam using the AMCAT platform:

Sections: Questions

Numerical Ability: 25 Qs

Verbal Ability: 20 Qs

Logical Ability: 35 Qs

Key Points:

1.    The Cognizant GenC Exam consists of the parts mentioned above under one section, "Aptitude."

2.    There are no sectional timings.

3.    The aptitude test will last approximately 60–90 minutes.

4.    There is no negative marking in Cognizant GenC.

5.    There are chances that they will ask about Automata Fix in the exam, so we recommend you prepare for this.

More information about Cognizant GenC 2022

·    Cognizant GenC 2022 Eligibility Criteria

·    Cognizant GenC 2022 Recruitment Process

·    Number of Sections: 3

·    Time Duration: 60-90 minutes (Shared)

·    Adaptive or Non-Adaptive: Non-Adaptive

·    No Negative Marking

·    Applicants: 1,50,000

·    Job Opening: 14000

Cognizant GenC Test Pattern 2022:-

The Cognizant GenC Curriculum is a new introduction this year in the series of exams conducted by Cognizant. Cognizant has chosen AMCAT to conduct its GenC Test, but there will be no coding section or CMCQ sections.

GenC Test (Round 1)

There will be only one section on this test, labeled the "Aptitude Section," but the questions will be from three different subjects. The subjects included in the aptitude round are as follows:

·    Numerical Ability

o  Questions: 25 Qs

·    Verbal Ability

o  Questions: 20 Qs

·    Logical Ability

o  Questions: 35 Qs

The main aptitude round does not have any bifurcated parts, nor does it have proper sectional timing. The total time allocated to finish this round might be about 100 minutes, depending entirely on the number of questions in the test.

NOTE: There is a 30% chance that GenC may also ask Automata Fix questions, so we recommend you prepare for it.

Cognizant GenC Numerical Ability Test Pattern 2022:-

The Quantitative Ability section intends to measure a student's degree of aptitude for a specific job role. The exam will assist the relevant firm in determining the student's numerical ability. The courses mentioned below will assist you in gaining an understanding of the quantitative ability problems and patterns in the GenC Placement Papers 2022.

·    Basic Mathematics

o  HCF & LCM

o  Divisibility

o  Numbers, Decimal Fractions, and Power

o  Averages

o  Ratio & Proportion

o  Algebra

o  Surds and Indices

·    Applied Mathematics

o  Profit and Loss

o  Simple and Compound Interest

o  Time, Speed, and Distance

o  Inverse

o  Time and Work

o  Allegation and Mixtures

o  Percentage

o  Area, Shape, and Perimeter

·    Engineering Mathematics

o  Logarithms

o  Permutation and Combinations

o  Probability

o  Pipes and Cisterns

o  Geometry and Coordinate Geometry

o  Clocks and Calendars

o  Problem on Ages

Other Important Information

·    Total Questions: 25 Questions

·    Total Sectional Time: 35 Mins

Cognizant GenC Logical Reasoning Test Pattern 2022:-

The topics covered in this section will provide you with a thorough understanding of the logical reasoning problems in the Cognizant GenC 2022.

·    Deductive Reasoning

o  Coding Deductive Logic

o  Blood Relation

o  Directional Sense

o  Objective Reasoning

o  Selection Decision Tables

o  Syllogism

·    Inductive reasoning

o  Analogy and Classification Pattern Recognition

o  Coding Patterns and Number Series Pattern Recognition

o  Statement and Conclusion

o  Seating Arrangements

·    Abductive Reasoning

o  Logical Word Sequence

o  Data Sufficiency

o  Odd Man Out

o  Data Arrangements

o  Mathematical Orders

o  Inferred Meaning

Cognizant GenC Logical Exam Analysis

·    Number of Questions: 35 Questions

·    Time: 45 Mins

·    Section Type: Mandatory

Cognizant GenC Verbal Ability Test Pattern 2022:

The Verbal Ability test is one of the vital sections of the GenC Exam, and the difficulty level is moderate.

·    Vocabulary

o  Synonyms

o  Antonyms

·    Grammar

o  Error Identification

o  Sentence Improvement & Construction

o  Subject-Verb Agreement

o  Tenses and Articles

o  Preposition and Conjunctions

o  Speech and Voices

·    Reading Comprehension

o  Inferential and Literal Comprehension

o  Contextual Vocabulary

o  Comprehension Ordering

o  Sentence Selection

o  Selecting Words

Other Important Information

·    Total Questions: 15-25 questions

·    Allotted Time: 60-90 minutes (shared)

Total Number of Questions: 80 Qs, Overall Time: 100 Mins - Detailed Overview 

Numerical Ability: 25 Qs, 35 Mins

Verbal Ability: 20 Qs, 20 Mins

Logical Reasoning: 35 Qs, 40 Mins

Numerical Ability

66% Cut-Off

84% Difficulty

90% Importance

Verbal Ability

66% Cut-Off

75% Difficulty

90% Importance

Logical Reasoning

66% Cut-Off

84% Difficulty

90% Importance

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cognizant Syllabus 2022

✔️ How can I get the PDF of the Cognizant Syllabus 2021?

A: We at Freshers-Job.Com provide a direct link to the Cognizant Syllabus 2021 PDF for candidates to download.

✔️: What is the Cognizant Process of Selection?

A: Technical Interview, HR Interview, Presentation Test (PPT), Written Test (Aptitude Test).

✔️ What components of the Cognizant Written Test are there?

A: Automata Fix, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability

✔️ How much time will the Cognizant Test offer you?

A: The Cognizant Test will be granted 89 minutes of time.